Demonstration Board for IDS Graphical LCD and OLED Displays

IDS Demo System Main Board

The IDS Demo System is a versatile development tool for IDS graphical LCD and OLED displays. The simple operation of the system enables rapid prototyping and makes it easy to compare different display types.

With the IDS Demo System it is straightforward to create a working demonstration. The system can display custom test images, provide contrast/backlight control, run a slide show and demonstrate touch operation.

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Main Board Overview

This IDS Demo System Main Board is the foundation of the system, driving the displays under investigation through range of accessories called Personality Modules. Each available Personality Module is designed to accommodate a particular display type and provides the interface between the main board and the display. A Personality Module and a display are necessary to create a demonstration and can be purchased separately.

The board uses a standard SD card to host the desired images and display firmware. Custom bitmap images can be simply downloaded onto the SD card. Firmware for each of the supported displays is available via


  • Flexible LCD and OLED display development platform
  • Standard SD card for image and firmware storage
  • Buzzer for notifications
  • Touch screen mode
  • 3 pushbuttons for display mode control
  • Variable image intervals – 0.1 to 6.5 seconds
  • Single 12 V power supply required
  • Compact form factor – 132 x 80 mm

Kit Contents

  • 1 x IDS Demo System Main Board
  • 1 x Blank SD Card


Personality modules and displays are required to set up a demonstration and are available to purchase separately
12 V power supply not included

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How to use a touch screen on the IDS-UNIVERSAL-01 board

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