99 Channel GPS + GLONASS Positioning + 3D Accelerometer Shield

GPS data received by the GPAM is stored within internal registers which are updated once per second and include:

  • Latitude (i.e. vertical)
  • Longitude (i.e. horizontal)
  • Altitude (meters)
  • Time & date (UTC)
  • Heading (True)
  • Speed (kilometers per hour)
  • Satellites used

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The IES-SHIELD-GPAM is a highly integrated 99 Channel simultaneous Global Positioning System (GPS) and GLONASS positioning system allowing your robotic application to determine its location on the earth’s surface. Specifically targeted at the Arduino board and Raspberry-Pi user the GPAM features I2 C communication to leave the serial [TX/RX] port free for other functions eg. wireless communication.


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