Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS data received by the IES-SHIELD-GPS is stored within internal registers which are updated once per second and include:

  • Latitude (i.e. vertical)
  • Longitude (i.e. horizontal)
  •  Altitude (metres)
  • Time & date (UTC)
  • Heading (True & Magnetic)
  • Speed (kilometres per hour)
  • Satellites detected

In addition, the IES-SHIELD-GPS features an on-board fully configurable four line programmable IO and analogue input port with automatic measurement.

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The IES-SHIELD-GPS is a highly integrated Global Positioning System allowing your robotic application to determine its location on the earth’s surface. Specifically targeted at the Arduino Duemilanove / UNO board user, [MEGA and NANO boards also supported] the GPM.S features I2 C communication to leave the serial [TX/RX] port free for other functions eg. wireless communication.


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