PIFI Stereo Audio Expansion

The DS-PIFI has many applications in audio playback and recording e.g. streaming speakers, baby monitor, security monitor etc. The board fully supports any ALSA compatible software running on the Raspberry-Pi and can also be used on any Windows® or Linux based PC or tablet.

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The IES-PI-HIFI from IES is a HIFI (CD) quality stereo audio expansion board for the Raspberry-Pi platform. Specifically targeted at the user who wishes to construct audio playback or record projects the PIFI features three audio outputs (headphone, SPDIF [digital] and 6+6Watt speakers) an on-board microphone and external microphone connection. The three audio outputs allow headphones (or an external amplifier e.g. PC speakers), an external amplifier with a SPDIF digital input, stereo 6-15Watt speakers (external PSU required) or a combination of the above to be driven for maximum flexibility. The on-board microphone, or externally connected electret microphone, allows audio monitoring or recording applications to be supported. The PIFI also provides two USB2.0 ports for connection to other USB devices so no USB ports are lost. The board is fully ALSA driver compatible and requires only minimal setup for high quality audio reproduction. The supplied micro USB cable and stand-off pillars allow the PIFI to be securely mounted above the Raspberry-Pi board (Supports B+ fixings). A cutout around the GPIO port allows other peripherals to be connected without interference


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