18 Channel Servo Driver Shield

  • Frees up the ArduinoTM IO lines normally used for servo control
  • Dual on-board 5Volt 3Amp regulators, with heatsinking, for servo power with enable jumpers
  • I²C address links allow up to four [4] shields to be used together to provide up to 72 servos
  • Sixteen (16) level speed control for each servo
  • Movement complete and soft-start complete status for each servo
  • Global activation control ensures all servos start moving together, important for multi-legged robots

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The IES-SHIELD-SCX18 is an eighteen [18] channel RC servo driver with advanced servo control features. Specifically targeted at the Arduino UNO board user [all other Arduino boards supported] and the Raspberry-Pi. The IES-SHIELD-SCX18 features high speed I 2 C communication for easy project integration and smooth speed control.

Once connected each servo can be positioned (with speed control), enabled, reversed and soft-started by simply writing a value to an internal register over the connected I2 C interface.

The IES-SHIELD-SCX18 caters for the majority of servos by providing a wide pulse width range of 0.50mS to 2.50mS with 8uS per step accuracy and also provides global activation of new servo position, soft-start & movement complete registers for superior control.

The IES-SHIELD-SCX18 provides dual high power regulators capable of supplying 5V @ 3A to the connected servos from an external Li-Pol or Ni-MH battery pack of 7.2 to 8.4V and features a disable link to allow the use of low voltage battery packs of 3.6 to 4.8V. The on-board I2C pull-ups are jumper configurable to allow disconnection when connecting to the Raspberry-Pi, which has its own pull-ups.


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